Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Don't be haters, Yes those are the sweetest ties that I made, and yes I do have 2 very sexy men in my life! It was my 6 year anniversary and can't beleive it has gone by so fast, Beckhan is almost 8 mths old and we love having him in our family. It's amazing when you have children how domestic you become!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


So lost the cord to my camera and I have lots of pictures to post but need to get a replacement but what has been on my mind a lot over the last few months is an increasing trend that continues in my own life and in society, self-entitlement. It's something I struggle with on a daily basis. I want to buy that shirt, now the rationalization kicks in it's only $15.00, I would look great in that and people would like me more because I would look stylish, My husband would find me more attractive if I wore this, I want it now escalates to I need it! Wow this is the thought process everyday of my life and fighting the urge gets exhausting. This one little habit gets you into debt so you can't buy food or necessities you need for the future...It's disturbing when I see the economy tanking in the US and people are in LALA land thinking nothing is going to happen when we have been warned for years to get your houses in order (spiritually and temporally), I don't know how my grandparents were so self-sufficient, maybe because they worked all of there lives to even just put food on the table. Get rid of self-entitlement and you've got GRATEFULLNESS! Have you ever your caught yourself being depressed and think why am I depressed I have so much to be grateful for. Hopefully as life goes on I will be able to plan for the future spiritually and temporally and not succumb to this hard temptation that I think all of struggle with on a regular basis!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I am alive!

So what can I say but that I am still alive, I have so much to post about, I just need to get my pictures up and going soon and then hopefully I can give you a whopper of a post! I know how much you missed what is going on in my life(J/K, wink, wink), can I tell you I have so many ideas in my head about food storage, I am obsessed and have no money to implement the things I want to in our food storage but let me just give you a few things I will be posting about when I can get to them(meaning when I have money to get to them) If these fraises interest you I could talk to you for hours about them, mix-a-meals, 365 meals in a jar that you make for long term food storage yourself but with Mylar bags that will last 30 years with dried ingredients, drying your own food and preserving it with a vaccuum sealer, water jugs with a spigot for easy access, food savers to take the oxygen out of glass canning jars for cookies, chips candy bars, chocolate chips. Man food storage is delicious and so much fun. I think I have found something that is fun and interesting and I am always learning something new about it. Yesterday I made dinner and Ryan said we are out of dressing, I said did you look in the food storage and luckily because of my trustee (not so much) 3 months supply we had it in our pantry. Who knew I would ever start to love cooking again!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beckhams Music Video

Sorry I couldn't help it, I know I put it on Facebook but this is so cute I had to share, it's Beckham's music video!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

3 Days Without Water

So everyone knows you can only survive 3 days without water so I wanted to do water first. In March the Centerville City sent me a letter stating the tap water was contaminated for a while but the problem was taken care of, I can' t breast feed, so I feed Beckham tap water with formula! To my relief Beckham didn't get sick from it. But either way this experience Got me thinking water storage isn't only for an emergency but also for everyday life, all I have to do in case water is contaminated is go to my closets or pantry and get a drink.

Since you need the bare minimum of 1 gallon per person per day for 2 weeks here are some containers that I have gotten to store water in, 5-gallon food grade container, 15 gallon container for inside the home, water bottles, and I am in the process of getting 55 gallon barrel for outside, you can search for the cheapest prices on google, but I like the stackable 5 gallon barrels at The Ready and they have a spigot to attach for easy access to water. I got an idea since you have to rotate your water out every six months, I do it every time conference comes on and then it reminds me time to change out the water!

If you store water bottles, they only last 2 years so you need to drink or rotate them otherwise they start to obsorb the plastic and it contaminates the water, also look for a good priced water filter you can by some from the church for your 72-hour kits that are cup sized(, (since everybody wants to filter toilet water), other than that I like to go with the Berkey(any kind that suits your needs) they are a great recommended brand! It's important to get all sizes since you may need to leave your home, water bottles and 5 gallons would be portable, 55 gallon would be if you were quaranteened to your house. (You get the idea)

Now where do you store all this water? I have some under my bead, I put some at the bottom of my closet with a wood slat over the top so it becomes the bottom of your closet since there is so much empty space there, at foot of your bead with fabric over it, possibilities are endless! SOMETHING I HAVE LEARNED IS ONCE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED, YOU JUST HAVE TO UPKEEP AND ROTATE IT, IT MAY SEEM LIKE A SACRIFICE BUT NOTHING CAN PUT A PRICE ON PEACE OF MIND!

Good luck and let me know when you have it done or if you have any good advice for things that work for you, let me know!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

If ye are prepared ye shall not fear

I know I haven't blogged in a while probably because I don't feel as though I have had anything important to say that would impact anybodies lives. My blog doesn't have the coolest format, my blog doesn't have amazingly interesting pictures of all the places I've travelled(because we don't have money to travel), my blog doesn't have the latest fashion styles, it's just about me and my family. But more recently I have been prompted that me, friends, and family are not living the law of preparedness the way the Lord has warned us to. (Atleast I know I don't have a year supply of food, fuel and basic necessities) I know I have clothing..maybe not warm or the most fashionable but I have lots of clothing!)

President Monson has stated:
"Many more people could ride out the storm-tossed waves in their economic lives if they had their year's supply of food…and were debt-free. Today we find that many have followed this counsel in reverse: they have at least a year's supply of debt and are food-free."

So the things I post from this point forward.... I would like to start my journey on the things I learn about preparedness (and family stuff too) because I think it's something that is important and the infamous scripture which says "IF YE ARE PREPARED YE SHALL NOT FEAR" will really bring you and me peace because we know we can prepare and do what we have been asked. I have had this prompting for many years and have ignored it time and time again and fear if I continue to ignore the need to prepare the promptings will stop and it will be to late when the time comes. "When the time comes to perform, the time has passed to prepare." If you are reading this and feeling a prompting to become better at preparing please take this journey with me because I am no expert but am trying to live the commandments that I am lacking in more fully so that I may be here to meet the savior when he comes again (and yes I beleive I will still be alive when it happens)

Friday, March 5, 2010


Beckham was 3 weeks old in the shoot and the little stud did so good, too bad he wouldn't sleep for much of it! Either way love having him in our family, the things I have loved about being a mother so far, is the way he looks at me in the middle of the night at 4 AM when I have had no sleep, and he makes me laugh! He squeezes my fingers when I am bottle feeding him, his cry when he gets mad and then squeals like a girl! Being a mother is definitely a blessing I can't wait to see what a handsome little guys he grows up to be!